Creative each, we are a creative team

We are proud to be a reliable team whose members have worked together since Premier’s outset.
Everyone at Premier has worked in video-production for more than 10 years: most were trained appropriately and all enjoy their work . We have evolved a friendly and efficient management structure which allows us to delegate duties harmoniously. At Premier we are united by positive attitudes, high standards and active life style.

General Director,
Founding partner of Premier Media Group,
Maxim is a virtuoso camera operator, gifted film editor
with a knack for picturesque computer effects.
Graduated University of Movie-making and TV in St.Petersburg.
Highlights of Professional Career:
= Ineract Video Studio;
= Advertising and Promotion company Art LSi
= Premier Media Group
Completed works:
= Set of documentaries about the family of famous Russian artist and philosopher Nikolay Rerikh: “The Oldest Son” [Starshyi Syn], “Homecoming” [Vozvrascheniye], “The Youngest Son” [Mladshii Syn] (camera-man, film editor);
= Documentary about Ludmila Zhivkova “Only stretched string can sing” [Tol’ko natyanutaya struna zvuchit] (camera-man, film editor);
= Full length movie “Not for the last time” [Ne v posledniy raz] (camera-man);
= TV program “Night wanderer plus” (camera-man);
= TV program “Expert” (camera-man);
= Plus hundreds educational, corporate films and commercials
Alexey EPSHTEIN, 38
Executive Director
Founding co-partner of Premier Media Group
Alexey is the first point of contact for clients discussing a new project, yet he also leads the project throughout the entire production stage. Alexey is a very good listener, which helps him to understand our clients’ ideas and to bring them to life.
Graduated Lesgaft State Institute of Sports, Post Graduate School of the Scientific Institute of Sports, St.Petersburg
Career highlights:
Before co-funding Premier in 2006, Alexey worked as Deputy General Director of Sports Investors, Inc., one of the first companies in Russia to focus on commercial aspects of professional sport, includingsponsorship and advertising, career management, investment in sport projects, sport tourism and consulting. At the time Alexey was also a driving force for establishing www.gotennis.ru, a tennis web-portal which is now the prime source of tennis news for a Russian and Russian-speaking audience.
Alexander ALBITSKY, 38
Film Director
Alexander is an absolute professional in everything related to film production,
yet he is always capable to surprise his audience with elegant scripts and eloquent shots.
Graduated University of Movie-making and TV, St.Petersburg;
Career highlights:
= Federal TV and Radio Corporation “Vladimir”;
= TV company Shimilov Production;
= TV companies, Video Studios in St.Petersburg.
= Premier Media Group
Completed works:
= 10 series TV sequel “What famous guys devised to us” [Zavety Ilyichei] (movie director, movie editor);
= Full-length movie “The Hostage” (Zalozhnik) (film editor);
= Full length movie “Not for the last time” [Ne v posledniy raz] (film editor);
= Documentary “Stand up and Go” [Vstat I Poiti] (script writer, film director);
= Plus hundreds educational, corporate films and commercials
Camera-man, Film-Editor, Computer Graphics.
Anton is very easy-going, yet very demanding when it comes to achieving result.
As a camera-man employed by a Sweden company Anton travelled across Europe
and gained necessary operational experience.
Graduated University of Movie-making and TV in St.Petersburg.
Career highlights:
= Cameraman for popular St.Petersburg police beat programs;
= Video and film-editing stints with several studios;
= Master Video studio (camera-man, film-editor);
= Premier Media Group
Completed works:
= Several short movies about European cities for Sweden company Northerner
(cameraman, film-editing);
= TV program “Night wanderer plus” (STS TV channel, camera-man);
= TV program “People meet each other” (5 TV, camera-man);
= Plus many more educational, corporate films and commercials
Sergey SERGEEV, 36
Script-writer, director, camera-man.
Sergey is true professional, very artistic and very attentive.
Graduated Institute of TV and Radio in Moscow, Barnaul State Academy of Arts and Culture.
Career highlights:
= TV company Belovodie (director);
= Production center “PRO vision” (Kemerovo) (director);
= International TV channel “Fenix” (Moscow) (director);
= Private TV companies and video studios in St.Petersburg;
= Premier Media Group (scropt-writer, director)
Completed works:
= News and analysis TV program “Dolina” TV company Belovodie;
= Series of presentation movies about industrial companies of the Kemerovo Region
= Series of historical programs “Fateful Dates”, Zvezda TV channel (director of editing);
= Plus many more educational, corporate films and commercials
Composer, musician, musical designer, audio producer.
Graduated from The Musorgsky Musical College and then from the Federal Academy of Arts.
By playing keyboard within and as an audio producer Denis contributed to success of such famous Russian bands as Polyusa, Picnic, Nochnye Snaipery, Billi’s Band, Chizh and Co., Solntse-Khmary, Kafe, Chaif, Aquarium, Minustrelli, More Korbaly and others.
Denis has started to compose and arrange music from the age of 15 and went on to start doing it for living since the age of 18. He wrote music for such famous movies and crime sequels as Lyubov’ pod grifom sovershenno sekretno (Top Secret Love), Ver’ mne (Believe Me), Liteiny, 4 (4, Liteiny Ave), Tol’ko vpered (Forward We Go), Domik na peske (Cottage on the Sand), Ne v posledniy raz (Not For The Last Time), Finskaya Garmoniya (Finnish Harmony), Realny Tsigun (Real Tsigun), Mir uvidet s vysoty (To See The World From the Top), Nebesnaya meditatsiya (Heavenly Meditation), Svyashennoye nebo Karelii (The Karelia’s Sacred Sky), Nepal-Tibet, Azbuka yogi (Yoga’s ABC) and others.
That is not to mention that music composed by Denis is featured in the numerous commercials and presentation movies, in the audiobooks.
In 2008 he wrote his first piece for a theater play.
You simply can not think of a better person to be in your team.
Anastasiya OSIPOVA
Accountant. Anastasia is managing large hips of operational papers.
We would be in a big mess without her!

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