In film making we can do everything: from filming a private event to making a full-scale corporate movie.

We can film events in any city in Russia or abroad. We are also proud of our experience in making documentary, movies, TV programs and commercials. We use state-of-the-art filming equipment and employ only reputed professionals.

Our prices are reasonable and we prepare a comprehensive budget at the outset of every project.

Premier Media Group was established in St.Petersburg in 2006, when several friends pooled their experiences and attitudes in a professional entity. Since then we have successfully completed a number of high-quality projects. However, at the core of Premier remains our shared interests and drive for friendly and creative approach. We treat every video-project as a one-off creation featuring a unique story and eloquent images.

Our team’s experience allows us to encapsulate almost any idea. In most cases, our client’s representatives unite with our staff in a single, inspired team, positively focused on delivering the best possible results.

We handle the entire cycle of video-production: we help to conceive the idea and carefully yet efficiently manage all stages until the moment the DVD in its bespoke cover is packed and given to the customer. You are very welcome to order your packaged DVD at Premier!

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